40+ Web Tools & Services That Will Rock 2020

19 KnowAll

Below you will find 40+ web tools and services that will rock 2020.

We covered many industries, so all of you can find what you need. You will find reviewed on short the best WordPress support service on the planet, info about Taskade and Privacy, two super-efficient solutions, one for real-time collaboration and the other one for securing your online payments, and much more – website builders, WordPress themes and plugins, invoicing, SEO, web development, online photo editors, logo design, etc.

Let’s start with Taskade, we love this real-time task management tool.

  1. Taskade – Real-time task management tool


Working remotely is the future, more and more people are starting to work like this, and companies (especially technology startups) are looking for employees far over the seas.

This makes sense, why hire only people that are near your HQ when you can hire the best people in the world and work with them remotely? Now it is easy to have remote people and even teams, you just have to use the right tool.

Taskade is the perfect tool that combines several software into one: Asana, Trello, Google Docs, and Slack. It has all the strong points of these products, but also much more.

Taskade has a super minimalist design, it is fast and easy to use, free (even the PRO version is super affordable $7 per month), and has unique features that will help you boost productivity and work excellent in real-time or asynchronous.

You can build fully personalized workspace or you can select one of the included templates (there are hundreds of them in many categories: Design, Planning, Business meetings, Team Management, and much more).

Creating your own workspace is simple. You add blocks (check, bullet, number, paragraph), you drag and drop elements, you change colors, and everything else you need to have your own customized workspace. You can create unlimited workspaces and you choose to which team members you share the information.

Within the workspace, you can have audio and video calls, you can share documents, and tag team members to join the conversation. It is brilliant how easy it works.

Start using Taskade – the fastest growing remote collaboration tool.

  1. Privacy

2 Privacy

Data breaches hit a record high in the last year, due to advanced technology and a

significant growth in online shopping. Every month, I personally receive at least a couple of

emails or website notifications from different brands where my credit card data was

compromised and used to make thousands of dollars payments. That was not cool at all, I

lost good money.

Since then, I have started using Privacy virtual cards when shopping online. With the free

account (no monthly costs or any fees at all), you can create up to 12 virtual cards in

seconds. Should a merchant ever be breached, you can pause or close the card with one

click without needing to jump through any customer service hoops.

Virtual credit cards provide several added benefits. By generating unique card numbers,

Privacy allows you to mask your real card data so you’re never giving out your real

information online.

Additionally, you can set spend limits on each card – say, one of your

subscription services increases their monthly rates without notice. The card will

automatically decline the card, saving you time and money.

Start using Privacy, it is free and easy to use. Lock down and protect your money.

  1. WhatFontIs – The Best Font Finder Tool

3 WhatFontIs

Whenever you browse the internet and you see a font that you like, take a picture and upload it to WhatFontIs – the most efficient font finder tool.

This powerful font finder has over 600k indexed fonts, it is the only system that quickly identifies both free and paid fonts, and it works with all font foundries, including Google fonts.

It takes around 60 seconds from the moment you upload the picture of the font, to the moment when you find out all the info (font name, price, download link) and you get also over 60 free and paid alternatives.

Use WhatFontIs, it is free and easy to use.

  1. Total Theme

4 Total Theme

Creating high-converting and engaging WordPress websites is simple if you have the right theme.

Total Theme is the right WordPress theme that you can use to build unlimited websites, in minutes, using the included 40+ demos, or by creating your own pixel-perfect design from scratch using the included premium plugins Visual Page Builder.

The theme will help you have a lightning fast and SEO-friendly website, that is super enjoyable to be browsed by your website visitors. Total Theme is simple and fast to fully configure, the interface will guide you every moment.

Create your WordPress website with Total Theme.

  1. Online Photo Editor


Unless you choose to buy Photoshop, there is no way you could get more features than at Appy Pie professional photo editor online.

Not only do you have plenty of ways to modify the images, but the layout is clean and uncluttered. The features are packed neatly into the main menu and submenu that respond with a simple toggle.

Basic Effects – Most of the photo editors online make the mistake of not offering enough features.

These include:

  • Zoom
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Color Saturation

While the zoom allows you to pick out one part of the image and enlarge it, the crop will enable you to change size and brightness, contrast, and color saturation adjusts the tint and glare of the image.

  1. Codester

6 Codester

Codester is used by millions of designers and developers. Here they find premium PHP scripts, app templates, website themes, plugins, and much more.

Always check the Flash sale section where hugely discounted items are being sold.

  1. Dr. Link Check

7 DrLinkCheck

Everybody hates broken links and keep in mind that most of the website visitors that leave your website for a broken link, will not return. You should not allow that.

To get rid of broken links, use Dr. Link Check platform. Write down your website URL and you will get in just a few seconds a detailed report about broken links and much more about your website.

Make your website great again.

  1. Bonsai Contracts for Design & Developers

8 Bonsai Contracts for Design Developers

Are you a freelancer and you are looking to generate freelance design contracts, to create personalized invoices and proposals in seconds, to track expenses and payments, to manage customers, and much more? If yes, then Bonsai is right for you.

Bonsai it is the leading suite of freelancer software used by over 100,000 happy users.

Use Bonsai, you will achieve more with less work.

  1. Free website builder

9 Mobirise

Mobirise is a powerful and complete website builder loaded with tons of things: over 2,500 beautiful and unique website templates, with eCommerce and Shopping Cart, with sliders, galleries, forms, popups, icons, and even more.

Use Mobirise to create gorgeous and fully functional websites with 0 skills and experience.

  1. Affordable design to code web development service

10 Goodie

Goodie is a popular and professional web development service, being highly appreciated for always delivering high-quality services and on time.

It is used mostly by designers looking for a web development partner, and by business owners that need simple websites.

Let Goodie experts know the details of your current project so they can help you.

  1. Astra Theme – Elementor Templates

11 Astra

Elementor was used to create millions of websites. To make your website stand out of the crowd and be unique, use Astra. It will supercharge Elementor with 100 free and premium templates that look awesome and that convert.

  1. Landing pages

12 Landing Page

Looking to create high-converting and engaging landing pages? MailMunch is the fastest growing landing page builder on the market that you can use to create unlimited landing and squeeze pages.

Use the beautiful landing page templates and the drag-and-drop builder to create designs that will increase conversions by up to 400%.

MailMunch will help you create powerful landing pages, use it.

  1. Email Template Builder

13 Email template builder

Unlayer is the leading email editor and page builder for SaaS, being super simple to embed it on your website. Let your audience to quickly build high-converting and engaging emails and landing pages.

It works with 0 skills and 0 experience. Just use the included templates and the drag-and-drop builder.

See how it works.

  1. Schema Pro

14 SchemaPro

Adding markups to your website is super important, it will make your website rank higher in search engines.

Schema Pro will automatically add markups to all the selected pages, with 1-click.

Get in front of your competition with this simple and easy to use solution.

  1. Rank Math SEO

15 Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is the most efficient WordPress SEO plugin on the market, being used by tons of websites with huge success.

After a basic configuration, Rank Math works autonomously, making your website rank higher in search engines.

Use Rank Math, it is free.

  1. WordPress gallery plugin

16 Imagely

Imagely is the team that built the famous NextGEN gallery WordPress plugin, used by millions of people with great success.

With NextGEN you can display stunning galleries, sell images, and much more. NextGEN is that single thing that you will make your photography WordPress website stand out of the crowd.

  1. Zapier Mastery Learn how to automate your business to create more free time

17 Zapier Mastery

Are you more and more busy? Do you feel that you can automate many business tasks but you don’t have the skills and know-how?

Then Zapier Master is the right course for you. It is made by a professional automation engineer and it will help you automate your business and create more free time.

Start the course.

  1. WordPress photography themes

18 Photocrati

Photocrati offers you an all-in-one package, being the leading Photography WordPress themes provider on the market.

All these themes look amazing, having a pixel-perfect design, are fully responsive, SEO-friendly, fast, and much more.

With Photocrati is simply to make a photography WordPress theme that stands out of the crowd.

  1. The #1 WordPress Knowledge Base Theme

19 KnowAll

KnowAll is the number 1 knowledge base theme for WordPress, being far in front of its competition.

Use it to create a knowledge base for your potential or existing customers, and hire less support staff when you increase sales.

See KnowAll in action.

  1. Simplest website builder

20 8B

8b is a professional, yet super-simple to use website builder that comes loaded with over 250 gorgeous templates, tons of elements, and a drag-and-drop builder.

The interface is quick and intuitive, being a pleasure to use it.

Use 8b to create awesome website, you don’t need any special skills.

  1. Event WordPress themes

21 Showthemes

Awesome event WordPress websites are created with ShowThemes. They are the leading supplier of premium WordPress event themes.

They worked with event professionals to understand perfectly this niche. That is why all their themes work excellent in the event industry, and have everything your website need.

  1. Real Estate WordPress Themes

22 Teslathemes

TeslaThemes offers 67 gorgeous premium WordPress themes that are fully responsive, have premium support, and a pixel-perfect design.

All these themes are lightning fast and SEO-friendly, making your website stand out of the crowd and ranking better in search engines.

  1. uKit

23 uKit

uKit is a platform that allows you to create your own website, utilizing visual dashboard and pre-built assets. They do all the background jobs — you just tinker with pre-fabricated parts of your site to make it suit your needs — the system will take care of all the rest. Discover how easy it is to make a website with uKit!

  1. Marketables – A Resource Marketplace

24 marketables

If you create your own landing pages, email templates, banners, and covers, and you are looking for a marketplace where you can sell them, Marketables is the right spot for you.

Quickly create an account, add your items to Marketables library, and set their prices according to your expectations.

Sign up and become a part of Marketables!

  1. stepFORM

25 StepForm

stepFORM is a top platform for building forms, quizzes, and various types of surveys. It offers a visual drag’n’drop editor with 15 basic elements, which are more than enough to create that kind of a form you need even if you have no coding skills. The service also collects all the responses in the internal CRM system and lets you connect PayPal and Wallet One.

  1. LogoAI

26 LogoAI

LogoAI is a brilliant logo design software that is creating unique and beautiful logo designs in seconds.

Write your company name, add a slogan if you need, and LogoAI will build right away tons of logo designs that you can fully customize to be a perfect fit.

  1. WordPresstoWox.PRO

27 WordPresstoWixPRO

WordPressToWix.PRO guarantees smooth, risk-free and simple WordPress to Wix migration process provided at affordable cost. The automated all-in-one platform employs only professional web developers, who have the first hand knowledge of how the transfer process should be completed. They assign an individual specialist, who is aware of all the nuances of the website transfer process and can offer qualified assistance on each stage involved.

  1. actiTIME

28 actiTIME

actiTIME is used by all kind of companies, including huge corporations like Xerox, Accenture, and Philips, to track time, for scope management, for accurate billing, and much more.

It is a complete package loaded with tons of features and functionalities.

See all actiTIME features in action, in the 30-day free trial, no credit card required.

  1. uSocial

29 uSocial

If you need more site visitors, Like and Share buttons are the tools you’re looking for. uSocial is a full-fledged service that lets you create and install the buttons in a snap. There’s a wide range of button designs, easy code snippet generation, statistics, metadata builder, Social Locker, etc. Take advantage of all these and other uSocial features with its Free plan today.

  1. Topper

30 Topper 900

Topper WordPress theme is a multi-functional solution for your blog or online magazine. You can also use it for any other topic-specific online resource that you have on your mind. Choosing Topper, you get what you pay for. The theme is available for free and premium access. It also lets you choose from 14+ skins that are pre-loaded in the download package. Thus, you may get all of them or work with one skin only for $5.

  1. uCoz

31 uCoz

uCoz is a free website builder that millions of people worldwide trust to power their websites since 2005. It gives you great flexibility in designing your website. Tailor your own custom website and publish it in 1 click. Rich library of various modules, blocks and templates ensure you get only the best result. It is very beginner-friendly — check it out yourself!

  1. InvoiceBerry

32 InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry is a complete, yet super simple to use invoicing software, most used by small and medium companies.

Use InvoiceBerry to send fully detailed invoices in 60 seconds or less, to track expenses and payments, to manage customers, to create detailed reports, and much more.

Sign-up for the free trial, no credit card required.

  1. uCalc

33 uCalc

uCalc is a beginner-friendly platform for building calculators and forms: you can create customizable, designer-made calculators and forms with no fiddling around with code. They are mobile-responsive and can be connected to such CRM systems as amoCRM and Bitrix24. You can also connect PayPal for your clients to pay directly via the calculator. Start with the Free plan to check all the uCalc features.

  1. Helion

34 Helion

There is no need to build a custom layout for your site from scratch. Using a stylish and functional WordPress theme like Helion, you can achieve the needed results in no time. The theme is perfectly suited for online portfolio, blog or web store. It’s easy to modify any part of the ready-made layout in the drag-and-drop mode using the advanced functionality of the Elementor page builder. You can also make use of the WordPress Customizer and Gutenberg to apply all the necessary modifications to the theme’s pages.

  1. Wix2WP.PRO

35 wix2wp pro

Wix2WP.Pro is a professional all-in-one website migration platform that has distinguished itself as a reputable, cost-effective and trusted service. They have successfully transferred over a hundred of websites that differ in complexity level and area of specialization. The service employs a bull of proficient web developers, who ensure full-scale support and ongoing website maintenance. Years of niche expertise have made them one of the indisputable niche leaders.

  1. Fotor

36 Fotor

Fotor is the most popular all-in-one visual content platform, used by millions of people with huge success.

With Fotor, anybody can create high-converting and engaging pictures for websites, social media channels, posters, web banners, and much more. No skills required.

  1. uLanding

37 uLanding

uLanding is a feature-rich service for building a landing page. It’s extremely easy to use due to the intuitive drag-and-drop editor: just select one of the fantastic designs, customize it adding texts, images, videos and so on, set up a feedback form and it’s done. Run A/B tests to check your landing page and enjoy the final result!

  1. Moderated chat for live Q&A and Web Events

38 RumbleTalk

Looking to quickly add a moderated chat for live Q&A and web events on your website?

RumbleTalk will help you with that in seconds, without requesting you to write a single line of code or have prior experience.

It is packed with tons of features and options, being a complete solution.

Start with the free plan and upgrade it anytime you need it.

  1. MMThomasBlog.com

39 Mmthomasblog

Whether you are looking for website builder reviews or general information about web development, MMThomasBlog.com may prove to be the top destination to get it. The resource is informative enough to let you discover general web development facts as well as special info about popular web building tools. These facts will help you turn your web design ideas into exceptional projects.

  1. Gutentype

40 Gutentype

Gutentype WordPress theme provides you with a range of customization options and layout styles. Making use of the Gutenberg page builder, styles and shortcodes, you can add a unique style to your web project without applying much effort. The theme includes 10+ fully editable demo skins and 6+ header styles. Feel free to use any of the selected features on your site. The theme has a fully responsive layout and adaptive images that make your contact adjust flawlessly to any screen size.

  1. HTMLtoWordPress.pro

41 Htmltowordpress pro

HTMLtoWordPress.PRO sees its mission in helping users move their HTML web projects to the advanced WordPress CMS. The platform employs a team of best niche experts, who are not only knowledgeable web developers, but can also professional evaluate and explore each project that is under transfer. This ensures effective and quick result, making users feel sure that they will eventually get quality websites with all the content and functionality preserved.

  1. Shella – Ultimate Shopify Theme

42 Shella

Shella is a premium Shopify theme that is made specifically for fashion stores, being super optimized for this industry.

It comes loaded with over 99 gorgeous predesigned pages and tons of fashion elements.

Quickly customize it and launch your own fashion store with Shella.

  1. Customify – The Most Customizable WordPress Theme

43 Customify

Customify is a unique (while free to use) WordPress theme, being the only one that was built from scratch to be 100% customizable, from A to Z.

It is optimized for SEO and huge amounts of traffic, the header and footer are also 100% customizable, it comes loaded with gorgeous pre-made templates, and much more.

Get Customify, it is free.


Taskade – real-time task management tool – is a great example of what can be accomplished in this period when the competition is huge. Taskade is like Tesla. They both fight with huge names with less resources, and they most times easily win the battle.

Be sure that Taskade will rock 2020 for all the team that are using it.

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