CM Answers – Manage Q&A’s as Separate WP Posts in this Discussion Group Forum Plugin for WordPress

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Are you looking for a plugin for a question and answer forum on your website? Check out CM Answers, an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that manages questions as if they were their own individual blog posts. CM Answers’ has an all-in-one dashboard that is fully functional, allowing users to post questions & answers that can be sorted and displayed according to date, popularity of views, or by answer rating.

Features can be further customized to address specific your functionality needs and meet your requirements, by showing only the questions you want and / or only allowing questions by moderated contributors.


The Ability to Moderate Discussions

CM Answers gives you the ability to moderate and give permission to users who are authorized to post their own questions and submit their answers automatically without pending further admin review. Other users can be moderated by custom permissions that are based on WordPress’s built in spam and moderation mechanism. The result is a forum discussion plugin that keeps the conversation on topic by giving the right-of-way to seasoned users and contributors, while newly registered commentators who ask questions and provide answers, wait for your approval.

5 Best Features

CM Answers Plugin comes with lots of useful custom features. Here are the 5 Best Features of the CM Answers Plugin explained:

#1.  One Dashboard for Easy Management of Questions and Answers

The CM Answers question dashboard gives you the ability to manage questions as per their popularity, number of votes or date asked. It also allows you to display category tags for each question and a way to do searches within all the questions.

Here is what the Questions dashboard looks like:


The CM Answers plugin has an Answers dashboard in a similar style that also has sorting options to sort and display answers according to votes or most recent.


#2. User Profile Page

CM Answers Pro plugin makes it pretty simple to view users across different questions through a single dashboard. Clicking on the user who submits a question or answer opens a window that contains all the additional information of a user’s profile, including all submitted questions and answers.


#3. Easily Add Attachments to Your Questions

One of the ways to communicate with your audience is by providing documents and media files that support or illustrate the problem you are asking a question about. Administrators can set the size of the upload, user permissions, and the file type that can be uploaded


#4. Social Media Integration

CM Answers can connect social networks such as Twitter / LinkedIn and Facebook for easy login to your Q&A forum. Social media connections allow users to register and login to your site instantly. Once logged in, users can post their questions and answers through the use of their existing social media credentials.

#5. Embed Discussion Threads Anywhere On your Website Using Shortcode

CM Answers gives you two different options for embedding its Q&A plugin on your site.

A) It allows you to show all Q&A in a predefined permalink on your site (for example /answers)

B) You can also embed your questions easily on any page/post using a WordPress shortcode.

For Example –  [cma-questions limit=”10″ ” sort=”hottest” cat=”first-cat”] –Will show 10 questions sorted by the hottest questions first from category “first-cat” anywhere on the page / post where shortcode is embedded


WordPress searches have all kinds of Q&A plugins to try. What’s important is to use a plugin that makes sense of and the most use of WordPress’s seemingly endless possibilities.

Download the free version of the CM Answers plugin to test it for yourself. It’s easy to install (and uninstall). You might just find that the CM Answers is the best way for managing all your user’s questions and answers with this easy to use website discussion forum plugin. With CM Answers you can start moderating discussions right away, and have users login easily with their existing social media profiles. It’s so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this already!

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