Create Native Apps For WordPress: Can Mobile Dreams Embrace Reality?

mobile dreams

Mobile apps via WordPress pump life into the impossible dreams of yesterday’s creative programming hopes. Free tools for native HTML5 mobile app creation quicken the webmaster’s heart. Power management of CSS and JavaScript sweeten the brew. Using standardized web APIs to create mobile Apps has never been easier.

Ready-made access to features designed specifically for launching your WordPress website into the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone marketplace has become a modern day reality. Embrace your impossible dreams. Publish your customized mobile App in a variety of native structures, including the Apple App Store and the Google Play Android market.

Working Examples – A Glimpse Into Easy App Development

WordPress and other modern-day web tools simplify the task of mobile app development. Point and click GUI programming supersedes the ancient days of line-by-line HTML development, personalized PHP routines and hand-inserted graphics. Rather than wasting hours working through the process of creating native apps from scratch, savvy WordPress webmasters seek out the ready-made tools of the trade.

The question is not where to find a tool, but rather in how to determine the best among the best. Although the core drivers behind WordPress remain consistent, the power of the WP platform resides in the internal flexibility. Determining which app machine best fits your framework is a personal decision. Each webmaster must follow his or her own goals, flavors and dreams.

The following examples illustrate some of the options. Perhaps they will make your choice easier, or at least trigger your desire to tamper with your own native apps.

1) Titanium

For mobile development, the University of Iowa builds around the Appcelerator Titanium framework. It’s an open source extensible-development Javascript environment that enables native coding for Android, BlackBerry, HTML4, iOS and hybrid systems. For a test run, download the free Titanium configuration. With no attached commercial restrictions, Titanium enables you to enter the self-sufficient realm of successful mobile app development.

2) PhoneGap

By applying the open source PhoneGap framework to mobile App solutions, course instructors at Bellevue College avoid the propriety lockout of platform specific technologies. Based on CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript, PhoneGap enables programmer access to major areas of device management, including accelerometer, camera, contact lists, local file systems, services and more. If you are not ready to take on the entire package head-on, the JSON API WordPress plugin uses PhoneGap to help webmasters craft apps for T-Mobile’s Android tablets and other mobile devices, according to

3) Push2Press

The P2P open source CMS – available for free by link from the iTunes website or from the Push2Press home page – accelerates native development of Android and iPhone apps. Classed by Apple as a social networking tool, P2P holds a 4+ iTunes rating. Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, P2P requires iOS 5.0 or later. It’s free, open source and requires no advanced programming skills. A WordPress plugin is included in the download.

4) WiziApp

Listed by Virginia Commonwealth University among the reliable and accepted WordPress plugins, WiziApp accurately produces HTML5 mobile app power for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users. Among other nice extras, WiziApp permits you to use Adsense with your mobile app. You can also integrate the stats into your Google analytics account.

Your Website, Your Mobile App Creation Tool

The samplings listed here are few. The available creation tools are many. Review. Research. Test. And then start using WordPress to power your mobile apps.

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