Dragos Lupascu


This graphic design folio features a cool tile layout almost like We Love WP.  Link styles feature a fade in and out hover effect that make for a nice feel to the site.  The thumbnail hovers use a nice black transparent background for easy to read information related to the website.  The "Colophon" page has a really neat hover effect as well, but it's a bit hard to figure out because of the arrows at the bottom.  Other than that the site takes advantage of alot of modern design elements you'll find in 2012.  The contact page has a unique, simple layout, and I like how this designer crossed out all social media contact information except for dribbble, it's interesting!

  • Simple colors - black, white, and subtle colors used
  • Large Fonts - used the right way, only in certain areas (not overused like alot of websites)
  • Nice homepage thumbnails - love the clean layout including the hovers
  • Subtle link hover fades
  • Simple contact page