How to Allow Users to Create Assorted Boxes in WooCommerce

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At some point in your life you might have gone to a bespoke donut store and bought an assortment of donuts. Picking out one of every donut you like, sometimes two. Now imagine doing this online while you are comfortably tucked in your house. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

So, if this sounds good to you then why wouldn’t it be for your customers!

Personalization is the next big thing in the eCommerce space. Shoppers are always looking for custom created products. Anything which is custom created is more appealing to the user as it fits the user’s requirement well.

On an average at least one of the development requests we get per day in the e Commerce segment involves some form of personalization from the perspective of an end user.

So, if you are a WooCommerce store owner selling exclusive product like chocolates, pickles, magnets which can be bought as an assortment then the WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes Plugin is definitely a must try. This plugin allows the end users to create and purchase a customized box of products. So, let us say you sell chocolates on your website then the customer will choose a box of preferred capacity and hand pick chocolates associated with the box as per his choice.


If the WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin sounds like something that you can use for your website then let’s dive into the details of the plugin.

What’s in it for the WooCommerce Store Owner?

  1. The WooCommerce store owner can create unlimited assorted boxes from the admin dashboard. When I say “WooCommerce store owner can create unlimited assorted boxes” it does not mean the that the products are added to the box at this point of time. At this stage in the process only the box is created as a custom product.
  2. While creating this product the store owner can specify the capacity of the box as per his requirement.
  3. The store owner must also link the simple products that he wishes to sell along with the box. The associated products are then made available to the end user while creating the assorted product box.


Some questions you might have as a WooCommerce Store Owner

  1. Can my customers add as many products as they want to in an assorted product box?
  • The number of products that the customers can add to a assorted product box depends on the capacity that you have set in the dashboard for that particular product. So if a the capacity of the box has been defined as ‘5’ in the back end then the WooCommerce store customer cannot add more than five products to the box.
  • Also, an important aspect to take note of here would be that the customer must add five products to the box in order to add the box to the cart. Customers cannot proceed with the purchase otherwise,
  1. Is there an option available using which my customers can remove products that have already been added to the custom product box?

Yes, there definitely is! The customer can add products to the box and remove products from the box as many times as required. Take a look for yourself.


  1. Will all the products that have been added to an assorted product box be visible on the cart page?

Yes, a list of all the products that have been added to a assorted product box will be visible on the cart page along with their quantity. However, the customer cannot remove any products from the custom product box at this point of time. If the customer wished to change the contents of the assorted box a new box will have to be created.


  1. What if a product being added to the custom product box is out of stock?
  • Well in that case you do not need to worry, as the plugin is equipped to manage the inventory. Let’s take the chocolate website example once more to understand inventory management feature.
  • Let’s assume the stock quantity of a particular chocolate is 3. Now, once a customer adds the three available pieces of that particular chocolate and tries to add more the customer is notified about the unavailability of the product. So, if inventory management was a primary concern for you then you can shed your apprehensions.

In today’s quickly moving digital age an element that distinguishes any WooCommerce store from a successful WooCommerce store is the commitment of the store owner towards continuous improvement. Ideally, the best form of improvement would be from an end users perspective. Such a change would not only provide instant gratification to the user but also to the eCommerce store owner. WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin allows you to do just that. If you have liked what you have seen so far then a test drive of the plugin would be definitely worth it for you.

About The Author: Tahseen Kazi is WordPress blogger and Digital Marketeer at WisdmLabs. An avid reader, when not blogging you will usually find her with a book.

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