How to identify great fonts for your next WordPress website

what font is

Fonts are as important as everything else for a successful WordPress website. When people are visiting your website are first seeing your web design and fonts are a huge part of the design for 99% of the websites. A font should be very well integrated with the whole design of your website and correlated with the logo (including the logo font), the colors and shapes you are using on your website, and much more. It’s not as simple as it sounds, and lots of experiments should be done before making your website online.

What makes a font great for your WordPress website?

There are thousands of fonts to choose from, including 884 different Google Font families available for free and tons of premium fonts. You can even ask a talented graphic designer to build a custom and unique font for your project.

A great font should have the following characteristics:


The most important thing for a font is to be easily read. The web is filled with many interesting fonts that are impossible to understand. Reading a text with that font is very difficult and website visitors will quickly abandon your website.

Helvetica is considered to be one of the most easily read fonts.

helvetica font example

Weight balance

Use a font that is available in several weights so you can play with them. In this ad, the larger titles pull just enough attention away from the visuals, so you know what’s happening, but not so much that it takes away from the overall design. The subtitle also uses a lighter weight, but still stands out.

Weight Balance

Your font should match the website mood and tone

Mood and tone are exceptionally important when putting your design together. You want everything to be seamless, and you want your visuals to evoke the right emotions. Are you going for a silly, more comedic approach, or do you want your design to be professional? Some of the gimmickier fonts can look great for upbeat, personal designs, but when you get into the enterprise and business territory, it’s better to stick with something bland.

Here are some examples of what fonts to use and in which case:

Font mood

Consider your audience

Who is your design for, in the end? If you’re speaking to a professional and authoritative audience, it’s no time to experiment and use something quirky. Serif fonts tend to look more traditional, so it’s probably best to opt for one of those with a professional design. Your font ties into the color and visual style you choose for your overall design, as well. Professional and enterprise sites tend to use more common, structured colors like white, black and blue. Color choice can alter the appearance of your font and design, believe it or not, because some fonts are harder to read in bright colors, and vice versa for dark colors.

Serif font

How to find the right font?

Finding the right font means a lot of searches, analyzing tons of fonts, and so on. A great and fast way to find your font, is to browse this website for inspiration– WeLoveWP – and when you see a font that you like, make a screenshot and upload the picture to WhatFontIs. This font finder will quickly identify the font you are looking for in 1 minute or less. You will get the link of that logo and 60 alternatives with links from where you can download the fonts.

what font is

This platform is loaded with over 550,000 fonts (premium and free), a powerful AI finder, and a quick interface that will guide you through the process.


Taking your time to find the best font for your WordPress website is totally worth it. A great font will make your website look and feel better, which translate into better conversions and happier website visitors.

A great font can also make your WordPress website stand out of the crowd and this can be done without spending huge amounts of money. The key thing is just to use a font that blends perfectly with your website.

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