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Inventive Craft Artisan

Inventive Craft artisan is designed to give unique vintage, retro, rustic, sketchy touch to your website. It is perfect for natural shops, artisans, woodwork shops and all the projects who needs a "warm" and "sketchy" touch in their web works. It comes with custom widgets. It is WPML compatible. It is totally responsive and available in all devices and resolutions. It is really easy to use, and there are some "one click" option for obtaining the same look and feel of the demo theme.   You can customize with one click logo decorations, choosing from over 10 graphics. With a really cool search widget, when you click on it, website will slide down showing search form. Products loop is really cool, a sketchy design, with a fancy effect on hover! With one click you can choose to show main sidebar on the left, right, or hiding it. Woocommerce cart widget comes with a really cool slide down effect on click. All the pages are really detailed and every detail is made for rendering a "sketchy" style.