Multivista Construction Documentation Photography & Webcams

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  1. Multivista

    Thanks for the add! Here’s some additional info for any construction professionals interested in visual documentation services:

    Multivista is the world’s leading construction photography and visual documentation service. We offer customized photo, video and webcam solutions for projects of every size and complexity, with easy-to-use online software to put it all at your fingertips.

    The Multivista Exact-Built® system delivers inspection-grade visual records of your project at all major milestones of construction, and gives your entire team instant access to your project’s complete photographic record from anywhere, at anytime with our exclusive online documentation platform.

    Multivista’s construction webcams allow users anytime access to live conditions of their jobsite, perfect for broad site overviews of current conditions and construction activity. Services include camera setup, webcam feed hosting, 24/7 monitoring, support and online troubleshooting.

    Multivista Video provides a professional, HD construction video documentation solution for facility maintenance in a live-motion format, perfect for dynamic construction events that can only be memorialized via audio and video.


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