My name is Pam Cromwell and I am a 34 year old, stage 4 Breast Cancer Fighter for the last 5 years.I do not currently have my 501c3. I am in the process of applying. I am incorporated in the state of NJ. I just don't feel as if the website is reflecting what I am about. It was used to help advertise my annual fundraiser initiative. The original web designer has basically flaked out so I am determined to get this going by years end. My current website is www.pinkforpam.com My mission statement is the following: Pink for Pam strives to “paint a new picture of cancer” for the world. The current face of cancer goes beyond the typical portrait of being a death sentence that mainly affects senior citizens. Cancer is turning into a chronic disease. People are being diagnosed at younger ages and have to learn to deal with its affects long-term. We aim to help people feel as normal, comfortable and confident as possible in their everyday lives, while never giving up on finding a cure. We want to constantly remind ourselves and teach the world that there is a difference between being a “Survivor” and being a “Fighter”. The ultimate goal of the organization is to help people channel their energy towards living full lives by keeping mind, body, and spirit as healthy as possible. The goal is to provide a hands-on support system consisting of two major parts:

1) an online support where other women in similar situations can exchange advice and stories, and receive tips from me based on my own personal experiences and from the Pink for Pam partnership network

2)Hands-on seminars where beneficiaries are invited to meet Pink for Pam partners in person to receive one-on-one advice and care.