Plugin Highlight: ProPlayer WP Plugin

Today, we’d like to highlight an exciting and impressive WordPress Plugin: ProPlayer WP Plugin. Although WordPress has a built-in video insert button, it will not place all media types and it does not offer total customization. ProPlayer WP Plugin, by Iga Goksu, is the solution.


All types of media, from .mp3 files to YouTube clips, can be placed within your WordPress site and customized however you wish. You can quickly and easily modify the pixel size, change the theme, add borders, install a rating system, and use playlists. The customization is what really sets ProPlayer WordPress Plugin apart from the others. Being able to change the size and appearance of your video content is crucial when you are trying to deliver a cohesive message with your WordPress site.


ProPlayer WP Plugin is extremely easy to use. You just need to install the plug-in by copying it to your plug-ins folder in /wp-content/plugins/directory, and load it with the plug-ins option in WordPress. From there it is as simple as a push-button interface, or you can do it by hand by using the [pro-player] tag. From there you can modify the dimensions simply by adding a width=”” and height=”” or use a type=”” if, for example, you only want it to display the audio player for mp3 files. The options for customization are endless, which is the point of the plug-in.


There are many opportunities to use video in your WordPress site. Some prefer to right-side their videos to showcase their business or employees. Others may wish to use free content on YouTube to demonstrate a selling point of their business. While we at WeLoveWP generally suggest not using automatic music on your site, it is an option and can be used tastefully. You may consider using video on your “About” page; this is a great place to use a self-uploaded YouTube video to greet your customers. Having a camera-friendly employee greeting your viewers can impart a very effective sense of relationship between you and them.


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