Random Bits – Matthew Mullenweg Interview + tid bits


Random bits latest Podcast has an interview with lead WordPress Developer Matthew Mullenweg. They discuss the Theme Marketplace, the next version of WordPress (2.4 now delayed for a month). Some of Automattic’s plans and it covers several other related topics, definitely worth a listen for anyone interested in WordPress. We also reccomend several other of the podcasts from Random bits including an interview with Alex King (Developer of several popular WordPress plugins and themes).

Another WordPress podcast worth checking out is the unnofficial WordPress Podcast.

We recently posted about a WordPress help sheet, this seemed to get alot of attention from around the blogosphere. While idling in #WordPress on freenode.net (IRC) I stumbled another help sheet released by headzoo, it contains more functions than the previous help/cheat sheet posted and theres an additional one for plugin developers aswell as theme developers, there even the perfect size for setting as your wallpaper :P.

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