site description

Shisha Lovers

Straight from the owner of the website: "I love smoking shisha and it has become a local social pastime with cafes opening all around the UK, I set up this website in WordPress to review local places and educate the target audience."

Aside from the hilarious description of the owners website, this site features a funny illustration on the homepage of, you guessed it, people smoking weed.  Although there's not too much to this Wordpress website (a few main pages), it has a nice directory layout that makes it easy for you to find a "Shisha shop" in the UK!  Check it out and let us know your thoughts on this unique website.

  • Homepage Cartoon Illustration (hooka smokers)
  • Simplicity - nothing too overwhelming about the site!
  • Logo - We like the stitched border and faded gold font
  • Listing pages - make finding a hooka bar in the UK easy