Stefan Persson

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  1. Marko

    Dear Mr. Persson!

    For the project, Istvan Marko

    Hereby I would like to sponsorship or financial support for my husband, Istvan Marko, please.

    He is deaf and has to make before, alone with the bike on a world circumnavigation. He wants to show that it is possible even with his disability to achieve great goals and it is possible for anyone to do alone on a world circumnavigation. He has to travel as early as 17 July this year started. Having already the end of southern Africa, Cape of hope, has attained, he was planning the trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina. My husband on a web page provides updated photos on the Internet where it can see and comment on different countries and people:

    Therefore, I ask for financial support of the project, my husband and I thank you in advance for your efforts.



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