Stop Annoying “New Registered User” Emails with Plugin

disable user registration emails wordpress

One feature that WordPress still hasn’t added is the ability to disable new user registrations.  After switching WeLoveWP to require registration for submissions, I noticed the constant new user registrations clogging up my email, with no way to stop them.  I naturally searched for a plugin after tirelessly looking for a way to stop them.  I came across a plugin {Disable Registration Email} that looked like it may do the trick.  Although it appeared to be outdated (hasn’t been updated in 2 years) after enabling it the emails stopped – whew!  It must be a plugin that doesn’t need much attention or updating!

Disable Registration Email

Turns off the automatic “New user registration on your blog” email messages to the admin email address. Useful for large websites that constanlty get user registrations.

You can download it from WordPress here.

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