Top 5 Tips to Make an Attractive Web Banner

tips on how to make a perfect website banner

5 Tips to Help You Build a Banner for Your Website

If you have a website, building an attractive web banner is probably on your mind. Read this article for tips to help you build a banner for your website.

With nearly 60% of web users reporting that they’ve clicked on a banner in the past year, the potential for traffic from banner clicks is pretty amazing.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure that your banner draws people in looking to find out more information.

Whether you hire someone to build a banner or you make your own, you should know the basics of banner design. Visitors to your site will want to know that they’re getting information relevant to their life.

They also want to know that their time spent on your site will be well-spent. This is an intimidating task for such limited time and space.

If you’re looking to build a banner, follow these five tips to make sure you make the most of the limits of a banner.

1. Make Sure They’re Well-Placed

Depending on whether you’re designing banners for your own site or to hand off to an ad space provider, you might not have a lot of say regarding your banner. Ask before you order any web space.

There’s no point putting in lots of time and effort for a banner that ends up too low on the page to matter. Take some time to think about your interface design and audit its current state before you add anything extra.

2. Keep Them Simple

Your banner isn’t the time to give a long exposition about your mission statement or a life-changing experience. Your banner is where you list one single point and urge users to click the banner.

Give them your best offer, most exciting promotion, or a limited time deal. They might already know you’re around. Tell them something they don’t know about your brand.

3. Add a Simple Button

If you’re designing a series of ads, include a button that says “shop now” or “sign up today.” These calls to action can help increase your clickthrough rate.

If you’re designing a whole bunch of banners, be sure that you keep your buttons in a consistent place throughout all of your ads.

4. Fonts Matter

Think about what kinds of fonts are easy to read but also stand out from everything else. Look at some other successful banner campaigns when you decide to make your own banner.

A good strong font that urges users to think about 2 or 3 words can go quite a long way in changing user behavior.

5. Try a Simple Animation

Every content marketer will tell you that video is the future of the internet. Take this concept into account when you design your banner.

Continue to keep it simple. If you’ve got an animated character, why not just make them blink on a loop while users are viewing the banner. Add some subtle changes to make the banner seem alive.

You’ll be surprised how many visitors will be captivated by your banner.

Build a Banner That Drives Traffic

Making your own banner is easier than you might have thought.

It just takes some careful thought and attention to ensure you end up getting the traffic you want.

If you’re ready to start putting your banner together, contact us today for more tips.

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