Why Everyone Is Talking About This Amazon Plugin For WordPress

amazon text to voice plugin for wordpress
There’s a new WordPress Amazon plugin on the market, but what makes this one so different? Meet the latest Amazon plugin everyone is buzzing about.

Maintaining a WordPress can seem complicated sometimes. How do you increase your web traffic? How do you catch potential readers’ eyes? Have you thought about what plugins might make site navigation easier?

That last one is kind of a tricky topic.

We’ve talked about some of the common plug-ins available on WordPress before. But since then a new one has come onto the scene that might make your WordPress even cooler.

In February Amazon released a WordPress plugin named Polly. This WordPress Amazon plugin can be used to turn any written blog post into a podcast!

WordPress Amazon Plugin Takes On Text-to-Voice

Now we’ve all heard of Amazon’s Alexa. Digital assistants are becoming important parts of our lives. Similar to Alexa, Polly takes on marketing automation by making your WordPress a bit more efficient.

Polly delivers life-like speech and turns any text you write into spoken posts. This feature can help get your information across much faster. Which of course, engages your customers!

WordPress Amazon has improved its tech to make your site that much better.

With over 47 voices to choose from, your different bylines can be spoken by a different person. Languages are also featured on Polly. This means your blog can be accessed all over the world.

By using a voice-to-text feature like this plugin, you can be a global hit!

The In-and-Outs of Polly

So how does Polly work?

While many of WordPress’ plugins are free, some of WordPress Amazon’s are not. Unfortunately, Polly is not one of the free ones.

You must make sure your WordPress is set up as an Amazon Web Service account. Once you do this you can set up an access key to activate the plugin. Amazon Polly costs $4 for every 1 million characters.

They have varying payment levels for Polly. Which is helpful for first-time users.

After setting up Polly, customers can then access the audio content on your blog, Amazon’s podcast app called Pollycast and iTunes. This gives them the chance to use their preferred choice of listening format, which is great!

Polly seems tricky to set up at first. But Amazon has a clear set of instructions here that will help you set up your new plugin. This is also where you can pay for the plugin use.

Polly: Not Just Another Amazon Plugin!

There are a lot of amazing plugins out there that can help you reach more customers. With WordPress becoming so popular for bloggers, Amazon is making a point of helping them become more accessible.

Amazon Polly is a great resource to have for any WordPress user. Soon your written words will have their own voice that your readers can listen to whenever they want!

This efficient little plugin might seem complicated to set up at first, but it is definitely a useful little gadget to have on your side.

If you’d like some more info on some of WordPress Amazon’s products like Polly, please contact us and we will get you set up.

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