WordPress 2.3.2

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Just a quick update, WordPress 2.3.2 has been released, it’s an urgent bug fix, otherwise your draft posts could be exposed (we had over 40 drafts so we upgraded quick fast!). An added feature lets you customise the DB not found message which im sure alot of you have witnessed sometime or another. Place the custom template wp-content/db-error.php and it will appear instead of the default error message. We wouldn’t be suprised if someone creates a plugin to be able to customize it within the admin panel in the not to distant future. 🙂

Upgrade Instructions

Fixed Bugs
Version Changes between 2.3.1 – 2.3.2

It won’t be long until 2.4 is out and we have to do it all again. Just make sure you have a full backup of all the files and the database before upgrading. This will save you alot of frustration in the event something goes wrong in the process.

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