WordPress Site Font Selection Tips

Now, we here at WeLoveWP assume that you are not going to use “wingdings” to write your content. Still, from time to time we run across a blog or web page which uses a font which is so difficultly to read it gives us migraines. There are a few elements of font selection which are important, but sometimes overlooked.


The size of your font is doubly important if you have a low-contrast background. Remember that even if you are young and eagle-eyed, some of your readers might not want to go get their reading glasses just to see what you have to offer. Use size 12 as a minimum, and consider going 14 or higher if you are in doubt. You can also zoom out with your browser; try your page at around 83% as well as 100%.

Serif vs. Sans-Serif

Serif fonts are the ones which include the little “hooks” on letters. A good example is Times New Roman. Serif fonts are easier to read over the long term, since they help the eyes more quickly identify letters. Choose serif fonts for blogs, newsletters, press releases, articles, or any other content which is over a hundred words. Sans-serif fonts, of which a popular example is Arial, are fonts which do not include the small “hooks.” They are viewed as more fun or exciting, and as such should be used for content like headlines or short blurbs used to entice viewers or customers. Use your sans-serif fonts wisely, and remember that just because your landing page is the first one your viewer may see, it is most likely not the first page your viewer has seen all day; in other words, assume their eyes are already strained.

Bold, Underline, and Italics

There are simple grammatical rules that should not be violated with reference to the special type cases. Bold words should be reserved for headlines and titles. Bold may occasionally be used for emphasis, but do not overdo it. Italics, as used above, are meant to indicate a change in tone or author voice. Use it for emphasis or stress. Underlining should be reserved for hyperlinks and headlines. Avoid overuse of these elements; using a lot of bold italics is the hallmark of cheap, poorly written ad copy.

A running theme of the WeLoveWP design ideas are simplicity and choosing a successful theme for your WordPress site. Like with your theme, remember to ask yourself “does this fit with my site?” when choosing a font. See you next time!


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