Here Are the WordPress Web Design Trends in 2018

wordpress web design trends in 2018
If you’re creating a WordPress website this year, pay attention to these important WordPress web design trends.

For small businesses and startups, WordPress is a popular choice. It’s constantly changing, and if you’re not a tech wizard, it can be hard to keep up with the changes.

WordPress evolves to keep your website secure, attractive, and productive. So it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends.

If you’re creating a WordPress website this year or just trying to update your site, pay attention to these important WordPress web design trends.

Mobile First

Although not an entirely new trend, mobile compatibility will continue to grow in importance.

These days, the use of mobile devices for Internet use will top desktop usage by far.

That’s why you must consider a mobile-first approach for your business. Consumers want to find whatever they’re searching for, and they want it fast.

It’s more important than ever to make sure your website is mobile friendly and meeting the needs of your viewer. If they can’t find you on their mobile device, they will find your competitors instead.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling isn’t new. It’s been around awhile. WordPress sites are showing lots of Parallax scrolling, and the trend is expected to continue.

This feature is great for one-page websites. It’s effective for storytelling, and many users believe it enhances the viewer’s engagement.

Parallax scrolling can help your website stand out, and that’s always a plus.

Use of Color

Color is more important in WordPress web design than many people realize. It’s a tool that can influence the user’s thoughts and emotions.

As web design becomes more minimalist, color can make a big impact. The use of bold, vibrant color is popular, and this design trend is expected to continue and grow in popularity.

Bold Typography

The use of expressive and bold typography is a growing WordPress web design trend.
Designers have so many choices and options, and bold typography is another way to make your site stand out in a sea of others.

It’s not just putting words on the page. Instead, typography is a design element that can impact the user’s experience on your website.

WordPress is continually adding new typography plugins, so we expect this trend to continue to grow in the future. For more on website design, take a look at Earth Web Technologies website.

Video Headers and Backgrounds

The use of video headers and video background continues to be a popular WordPress web design trend. WordPress currently has a video header in a default theme, and it gets people’s attention.

In fact, video can capture your visitors’ attention, and that can cause them to linger a little longer on your site. The longer a visitor is on your site, the better chance you have for a conversion.

With a growing trend toward minimalism, implementing video on your website is another way to reach potential customers and share your message without overwhelming them with text.

Single Page Website

Sometimes a simplistic web design just makes sense. If you have a small business or focus on selling one product or service, a single page website can be a smart design.

A straightforward, attractive single page website makes navigation simple and easy for your customers. They also work well for small businesses wanting to try a storytelling approach to marketing.

Card-Like Design

The use of card-like design is a growing WordPress web design. If it works for Facebook and Netflix, there must be something special about this trend.

Web designers are using this design quite a bit. It allows you to divide large amounts information and deliver it to your visitor in manageable chunks.

The simplicity of it works, and this design and is mobile friendly as well. But, there is a growing trend toward asymmetric layouts as well.

Now that your website can be seen on so many different types of devices, designers are moving away from the traditional grid. And asymmetric layouts are expected to grow in popularity in the next year and beyond.

Drag and Drop Themes

WordPress offers drag and drop themes at different price points. The goal is to offer themes that continually enhance the online experience for your visitors.

These themes allow an easy way to design and customize your website. You choose what works best for your particular business and customer experience.

It’s easy to experiment with different themes to find out what works best for your needs.

Custom Graphics

Visuals are an important element of WordPress web design. Visuals can convey emotion and enhance the visitor’s experience on your site.

An image can express things that words can’t. You want to capture the user’s attention, and one-of-a-kind visuals or graphics can do just that.

Although the use of stock photos is still popular, the trend is toward using more custom images.

The trend toward the use of custom graphics and illustrations is expected to continue.

Unique graphics and illustrations allow your website to stand out from the crowd. Illustrations are lightweight compared to content-heavy images.

And any design element that speeds up your website is worth considering.

Push Notifications

You’ve probably noticed that push notifications are very popular. More and more websites are offering them.

You may have wondered if push notifications should be a part of your WordPress web design.

There are pros and cons to using push notifications.

They are good for improving your click-through rates and can be effective with mobile technology. But they can also be annoying for users.

This makes the decision of whether to use push notifications a tricky one. And web designers are working to make this trend less intrusive and more appealing.

WordPress Web Design: Content is Still King

One thing that every website needs is high-quality content. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your web design may be, content still matters for SEO.

Nothing affects your level of optimization more. So as you consider the perfect WordPress web design, don’t forget the importance of relevant, valuable content.

Hire the Best Web Design Team

If you are considering WordPress for your business website, there’s so much to consider. You may not know much about web design, and you are busy trying to run your business after all.

If you need assistance, we’d love to help. Take a look at what we have to offer. Contact us today.

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