10 Simple Inspirational WordPress Navigations [We Love]

10 Yogy frozen yoghurt

Instead of scouring the web looking for beautiful, modern navigation examples I decided to take these inspiration’s directly from our fan-base at We Love WP. We looked at the most recent submissions to our WordPress gallery and found the most appealing navigation’s to us. Also, all of these selections are either from our most recent selections on our homepage or the second page of listings, so they’re fresh designs!  Anyway here they are:

10 WordPress Navigation’s We Love

1. Quartier Vier

1 bubbly nav

2. Jason Holland

2 jason holland navigation

3. Rue de Siam

3rue de siam

4. Agência iSee!

4 i see

5. net connexions

4 net

6. Learn Lake Nona

6 learn lake nona

7. St. Josephs Historic Foundation

7 st josephs historic foundation

8. Natures Hand

8 natures hand

9. Structure Hair

9 structure hair

10. Yogy* frozen yoghurt

10 Yogy frozen yoghurt


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  1. Mallory

    Great selection of navigational designs! In web design it is important to have a site that makes people want to stay and learn/buy more. Even simple elements can make a huge difference! Thanks for posting!


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