How to Create an Awesome Used Car Blog with WordPress

How to Create an Awesome Used Car Blog
Passionate about cars? Got a knack for writing and sharing ideas with others? Click here to learn how to create an awesome used car blog today!

Once you’ve set up your WordPress website, the next logical step is keeping it alive and well in the eyes of Google.

Starting and maintaining a blog is the best way to do this. Blogging can increase your website traffic by up to 55 percent.

More website traffic means more potential clients and higher revenue.

You are just four steps away from creating a used car blog that can work wonders for your sales. Let’s get going!

1. Choose Topics for Your Used Car Blog

When choosing a blog topic, consider the things that are of interest to your potential clients.

Look at showcasing one of the events in your neighborhood. Describe the benefits of one of the vehicles for sale.

Checking out your competitors’ blogs can give you some inspiration for topics too.

2. Find Great Keywords

No matter how exciting and interesting your used car blog is, your efforts are in vain if customers can’t find it.

Use keywords on your blog. This shows Google that you’ve got what potential clients are looking for online.

Get creative with your keywords. Many dealerships will be targeting words like ‘used car’. This makes it harder for Google to find your blog, so you need something else.

If appropriate, a keyword like ‘used kia’ could work better for you.

Use your keywords carefully. The sentences should still be easy to read and make sense. You should include the keyword about once every 200 words.

Include it in the SEO title and one H2 header on your blog.

3. Provide Quality Content

Always start your blog off with a snippet of information that makes your reader want more. Pique their interest with a fact or a glimpse of what is to come.

Use audience-based language to keep them involved. Your readers want to know what’s in it for them.

Include a call to action at the end. A simple phrase like ‘get in touch’ plus a link to your contact page or email address is important.

Follow these stylistic tips so that your blog is easy to read:

  • Keep your sentences short
  • Use simple terms
  • Keep paragraphs under 3 lines long
  • Bullet points and numbering work well
  • Make use of H2 headers in the text

Include links to trustworthy external websites as well as to interesting information on your own site.

A conversational, friendly tone creates a good impression and draws the readers in.

4. Check Your Work

Nobody wants to read a blog that is full of typos and grammatical errors.

Do the following checks before you publish anything:

Install Grammarly to help you spot typos and grammar errors at a glance.

Copy and paste your work into the Hemingway app. Hemingway takes the guesswork out of your blog’s readability. It highlights long sentences, difficult words, and other stylistic no-no’s.

Always check for plagiarism before you publish your blog. The Internet is a vast place. There’s a good chance someone may have used the same wording as you have before.

As a last check, get someone else to read your blog in case you missed anything.

Go through our checklist of blog essentials before you hit Publish.

Be Consistent

Don’t let your used car blog be a one-hit wonder. Set up a regular schedule for publishing new posts, and stick to it.

Remember to promote your work on social media to bring in those clicks.

No blog becomes a superstar overnight. With a little effort, you’ll see the rewards before too long.

For other blogging tips, check out our site! We cover pretty much everything, from the best WordPress plugins to web hosting.

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