New We Love WP Design

As you can see, we’ve launched a brand new look for the We Love WP showcase.  The ownership of the site has changed and our first order of business was a re-design.  We look forward to presenting beautiful inspiration on a fresh new look for the gallery for all those who frequent the site.

We’d like to thank Henry Jones for all the time and hard work he put in for us on the new design. We just recently featured his WordPress site in our gallery which led us to contacting him about a re-design. Henry was great to work with and his experience and professionalism was superb. We plan on continuing to use him for our future design projects. You can check out his new design blog at

We are quite pleased with how everything has turned out, and like most new themes, there may be bugs, so please give us feedback if you see something we’ve missed.

12 Responses to “New We Love WP Design”

  1. Vinh Le

    Nice redesign, I love the way the texture is applied on the design. It contrasts very well with this comment form. Awesome work.

  2. daustralala

    yup the textured background is awesome. congratz!

  3. Josh

    Looks awesome Nate. Henry has done a great job on the redesign 🙂

  4. Henry

    Thanks Nathan. It was a pleasure working with you.

  5. Nate

    I think it would depend on your project. Contact him in regards to that.

  6. Lachy

    What type of price does he charge?

  7. Chad

    Nice work, Henry! The place is lookin spiffy.

  8. Anto

    Looks very clean and smooth. He did a good job.

    In your first post you said you had a bunch of wp themes to release. Any idea when they will be up at running?

  9. Joey Prijs

    Henry did a verry nice job! I love the new vintage look! I cant wait until WeLoveWP releases some WP themes!

  10. Jesse

    Heya, I like the new design. Great site. I’m wondering what plugin you use to allow your visitors to rate various designs? I’m looking into these kinds of plugins right now. Is it custom?

  11. Noc

    I like your old design so much..i also like this one too..i wish u somehow release the old one but i guess you not 🙂 thnx for this great site again..

  12. Joe

    Very sweet back ground,like it..


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