Starting From The Bottom


So have you heard of this thing called WordPress? Your probably thinking great, another social network/blogging website that I have to learn. Well stop right there because you are in for some mind blowing news. WordPress is one of the easiest and longest running (10 years!) forms of having a blog that connects with not just friends and family, but also is a great way for promoting your business and ideas. What are the advantages? More like what aren’t the advantages? All it takes is a couple minutes and you are on your way.

Let’s start with your purpose with joining WordPress. You want to promote your business and stay connected to what is the latest in your field. The Reader section allows you to customize to what blogs/articles that benefit your interest. Finding topics that you or your business are interested in is a great way to see how the ebb and flow of how the site works.

Which leads to the Stats section. Knowing what people are reading, commenting on and linking to will be important to the success of your WordPress blog and exposure. Having these analytics will determine what is and what isn’t working for you. There is no need to post irrelevant content that your readers are not interested in ever again. Finding this core audience faster allows for less trial and error with less money and time wasted.

The Freshly Squeezed section is like the news feed on Facebook and Twitter. This gives you an array of options as to what topics users are blogging about. While you have the Reader section customized to your liking, Freshly Squeezed breaks up the monotony and lets you explore things that you may not have tried or even were aware of.

Using WordPress is a great way to stretch your businesses expose that other social networks simply cannot provide and starting a blog couldn’t be any easier. Everything about WordPress is making sure you are heard.  While some users view sites like Tumblr and Reddit confusing, WordPress allows for an simple way to post what you think the world should know. So good luck and get blogging.

We here at , a web design company are all about making sure you increase your revenue though results. We are dedicated to making your business and ideas resonate throughout the online community.

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    Love wordpress. It’s so seriously underrated, with the sheer amount of plugins you can have with it now, if you consider just what you can do with it, the blog does just short of writing itself really! Definitely a staple for any website out there anymore – not just blogs!


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