The Beginner WordPress Website

Recently, we here at WeLoveWP have encountered several people who want to start up a site for their small business, but do not know how to go about it. While a professional website can cost upwards of US $1,000 to build, it is not always necessary for a new business. Sometimes a brief, to the point site can do the job quite nicely until business improves to the point you can afford to have a large ad-campaign centered site.

For starters, beginners should know that the most important page you have is your landing page. The first page a viewer sees is the thirty-second commercial that matters most. Keep your WordPress theme simple at first, so you can focus on content, which should be interesting and streamlined to “sell” the website immediately. For a barber shop, this might mean a streaming banner showing different haircuts or smiling customers; for a musician, it might be pictures of a show. Beneath that, some written content is often good, but keep it short and to the point. Leave the extra content for the blog.

The blog is an important piece of a new website. It helps establish it with search engines and gives viewers content to read, and more importantly a reason to come back. Update it regularly, and as always keep it simple. Very few will read a five page essay unless they are a dedicated follower.

Next, you will need an “about us” page with which the viewer can learn a little bit about your business (or whatever your WordPress website is geared toward), and has the information they need to contact you if they wish. A small contact form is good, but ensure you include key information like an email address and possibly a telephone number if you have it. If you are a local business, make sure you put a map to your physical location as well.

These three pages can establish a simple WordPress website for any up and coming business or other venture. Ensure you update regularly, and as soon as possible look into search engine optimization and other efforts to expand your online presence. Picking up WordPress for Dummies is also a great idea, as it provides methods to optimize your WordPress site.

Finally, don’t forget to register your WordPress site with us! Head over to the “submit” section and enter your site’s information for instant exposure. See you next time!


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  1. Melanie

    I’m a “newbie” to WordPress and began by finding it difficult. It is much like having driven a stick shift all your life and then switching to an automatic. Even now I find it hard to keep my nost out of the code. On the other hand, I enjoy the fact that the code is much cleaner than most of the other code-generating programs I have used in the past. All in all, a more than fair trade.


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