Tips on Finding the Best Blog Web Hosting

There are many web hosting providers out there that claim to offer the best blog web hosting but do they really? Of course they don’t! You shouldn’t be surprised by that at all. In today’s day and age a web hosting provider will say anything to get a new customer. The web hosting industry is very competitive. That is what makes it so tough in finding a blog web hosting provider that is honest. There are a lot of web hosting reviews out there that can help you but we have done some of the leg work and found a couple that we think offer some of the best web hosting that supports blogs and our WP themes!

Before we talk about our two companies, we first want to give you some pointers when looking for a blog hosting provider. First, remember earlier when we said that the web hosting industry is very competitive? That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Competition means the web hosting companies have to stay on their feet and offer you the latest and best features. Features are our first pointer we want to discuss. With all the different hosts out there, the features can vary. Some of the variance isn’t that important while some is very important. The important web hosting features to look at are disk space, data transfer, and hosted domains. Disk space is the amount of the storage you are allowed, data transfer is the amount of data you are allowed to transmit over the host’s server, and hosted domains are the number of domains you are allowed to host on your account.  Let’s look at these three features a little closer, especially when it comes to blog web hosting.

  • Disk Space- While an average blog with a WordPress theme installed on it doesn’t use up that much disk space, a lot of web hosting providers will offer you an limited amount of it. The problem this can cause is overage fees or worse off your website being shut down by the host. Should your website become very established and have a lot of content on it, especially videos and pictures, you are going to need all the disk space you can get. The best web hosting providers aren’t afraid to offer you unlimited disk space. This means you never need to worry about running out of disk space!
  • Data Transfer- On the same lines of disk space, data transfer can disappear fast when you have a lot of visitors to your site. Every time they visit your website, the host has to transfer data to their computer. Again, the top web hosting providers offer you unlimited data transfer so that your website will never experience a shut down as a result of going over your data transfer limit.
  • Host Domains- This mainly deals with you saving money in the long run! For every website you have, you need to have a web hosting account. A lot of the smaller web hosting providers only offer you the ability to host one domain on your account before making you sign up for a second or third account. The big web hosting providers offer you the ability to host all your domains on one single account. What this means is that every time you have a website, you don’t need to keep paying a monthly fee to host it! Simply order one hosting account and host all the domains you want on it!

Another pointer we want you to offer you is to look at the control panel and specifications of it when choosing a web hosting provider. There are a few control panels out there and then there are a lot of “host made” ones. We highly recommend you stick to a host that offers you the cPanel control panel. The cPanel control panel is very easy to use, even for novice webmasters! Plus, most of the hosts that offer the cPanel control panel offer you the ability to use SimpleScripts or Fantastico. These are two applications that you can access within the cPanel to easily add third party applications to your website. One of the applications that you can access in these programs is WordPress. Simply click on the WordPress icon and follow the few easy steps and you will be running a WordPress blog in a matter of minutes!

The last pointer we want to offer you is to pay very close attention to the customer support that the web hosting provider offers you. Everybody at one time or another needs help from the web hosting provider so you need to make sure you get all the support you can! Customer support from web hosting companies come by means of phone support, email support, live chat, tutorials, and forums. It is nice to have a web hosting company offer you all of these as you never know which one will be the easiest for you to access ad solve your problem!

So who offers some of the best blog web hosting that supports WordPress? Both BlueHost and iPage offer some of the best web hosting when it comes to that! Both offer you unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited hosted domains, SimpleScripts, free customer support, and all the other tools that you need to run a successful WordPress theme website! A key benefit of using both of these web hosting providers is how reliable they are. They only use the best servers to host your website on and are very proactive when it comes to keeping them secure.

You may be thinking that BlueHost and iPage are expensive because of how good they are. That is incorrect thinking on your part! The normal BlueHost price is only $6.95 a month and the normal iPage price is $7.50 a month. However, when you use a BlueHost coupon or an iPage coupon, you can save over 50% off the normal prices! These web hosting coupons are a great deal and you don’t lose any of the web hosting features that we talked about! It’s like finding free money!

In the end, we hope you are able to make a more educated decision on finding blog web hosting now that you have read this tutorial. There are many aspects of finding the best web hosting and we hope to have just given you a good insight on some of them!

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  1. Cheryl Lucia

    Just looking for providers that offer cheap prices, unlimited bandwidth and disk space is a mistake. The most important feature in web hosting is “security”. When selecting a web host you must make sure that you have a host that is able to keep the information on your site secure from hackers and viruses. There is always someone waiting to exploit gaps in the system. Don’t be vulnerable. Also keep in mind, no matter what hosting company you decide to put your trust and money into, no hosting service is completely infallible. This means that no company can guarantee 100% server “up” time or that their security measures and features cannot be broken.

  2. BDI Media

    I have been with 1and1 for a few years and am in the process of moving my own website to Vidahost. They look the part and have tested them out with a new website I was doing. Pretty much impressed and think I will use all Vidahost for all future projects. Great post you have by the way.

  3. webhead12

    I’ve been with gatorhost so far there pretty good on speed and bandwidth but i just stumbled upon one i think might be a little better for cheaper so i just figured id throw it out there to see if anybody has had an experience with them let me know.

  4. Holiday News

    Thank you for the useful information. The article really explains a lot to me. It is difficult to make the right decision in such a competitive industry. The data transfer is the most important web hosting features.

  5. Braden

    I agree with you that some web hosting companies promise the world and then actually do not deliver what they promise. But this is like everything in life. When it comes to buying something intangible, which you cannot feel and touch, sometimes adverts are a bit exaggerated and when you actually buy, you end up disappointed. As you rightfully said, competition drives these companies to deliver better service to their clients. In actual fact, servicing a new customer costs more money than servicing an existing customer (costs of setting up, etc). The tutorial helps those looking for hosting to find the right option that suits their needs, and the items to look out for were appropriately highlighted. Well done and keep the interesting posts coming!


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