Toolbox: HTMLForm

We here at WeLoveWP would like to share with you a great tool which has recently come to our is an exceptional site which can save you time and frustration. Their online cloud-ware can generate an html form for any need: guest or event registration, contact forms, and more. Their service is free and easy to use, and we highly recommend it if you’re not prone to designing complex HTML forms by hand (Who is?)

For WordPress, HTMLForm has a built-in system which allows users to design their form on their site and export it as a WordPress plugin. From there it’s a simple installation from your dashboard and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll. Just check on the “shortcode” within the plugin, type it in your post, and publish. The only way to be easier is if they read your mind and wrote it for you.

2 Responses to “Toolbox: HTMLForm”

  1. rob

    good tool i have used before

  2. Max Mcbrayer

    I used WP reloaded table plugin. It was neat and easy setup as well. Can anyone tell me what’s advantage of going for this one?




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