We Love WP Update

QUICK UPDATE (21/11/07): New site is live, theres still a few tweaks that need to be made. If you notice any errors, let us know in the comments and we will have them fixed asap. We have been reluctant to add many new sites or blog posts until this design was ready. so expect a flurry of updates over the coming days 🙂

We have been in the labs designing theme after theme for the last two weeks. We have a bunch of new high quality free themes for release. As well as a brand new design for welovewp. We finally settled on a design we really like and it’s going to be coded by next weekend. There’s a new addition of a homepage this will show the most recent entries as-well as the most recent blog on the front page. We have done away with the random post for now. Usability should be better. There’s some nice new features. In the mean time there is a massive backlog of submissions we need to get up asap.

4 Responses to “We Love WP Update”

  1. Anto

    Keep us upto date on the new free themes.

    Waiting to see the new wlwp theme

  2. Anto

    Sorry for like spamming…. lol

    But i was jut wondering, if you could release some themes that are look alikes to this? Different layout tho etc..

  3. Anto

    WordPress themes still not up then? 😛

  4. Nikko

    Friend you can get in touch with me, I would write in private. Now – Thank you my email.


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