WordPress 2.4 admin theme update


We recently posted 9 WordPress admin themes, well it turns out WordPress 2.4 will have an updated default admin theme as well. The screenshots posted by Jordan look pretty nice. There’s also a live demo, apparently it’s only around 10-20% complete in the demo. But if you keep checking over the next few weeks you should be able to follow the progress as it happens. Now that’s what we call bleedin edge!

In my opinion the dashboard layout desperately needs a makeover, we would love to see something like the MyDashboard plugin integrated into the core of WordPress. Then there would be plenty of developers creating useful gadgets, to let us further customize the dashboard. How likely this is we have no idea! We are certainly looking forward to 2.4 and the future though.

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  1. Jordan

    I remember hearing that adding widgets to the dashboard is part of the plan. I think the plan for 2.4 was to just get the style up and then start adding features after that.


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