WordPress Blogging Tips

WordPress is inherently designed for constant content generation. In other words, it is most effectively used when putting new content on the site on a regular basis. Still, even if you are changing up your landing site regularly and reviewing your site for improvements here and there, you’re missing out if your site doesn’t have a blog. WordPress was originally designed around blogging because it is an effective and sought after website base. Here’s some tips on how to start or improve your WordPress site blog.


Write Regularly

It’s not enough to have a blog, you need to fill it! Regular content posting puts meat and potatoes into your site; further, it gives followers or repeat visitors something new to look at and a reason to visit repeatedly. If your blog is good, you can get visitors to repeat simply because they want to see what’s new. This can be especially effective if your site is based around an online storefront.


Keep it to the Point

There’s a nasty rumor going around the internet that all posts should be between four and five hundred words for marketing and web design purposes. We here at WeLoveWP aren’t sure exactly where it started, but it’s patently false. Blog articles should be tailored in size and shape to the topic. Sometimes short blurbs are best, such as when telling readers about a deal or discount. Other times, you may wish to write a longer article. If that’s the case, put the most interesting content up top to entice your viewer and leave the main content a bit lower, where the reader will read it when they follow the blog entry to its’ own page.


You don’t have to go it alone!

If you are writing your site’s blog all on your own, don’t get “blogged” down! Guest writers in the form of friends, co-workers, or associates can bring a breath of fresh air into your blog. If you want a longer article for your blog but don’t want to write it yourself, there are services which will connect you on a contract basis to freelance copywriters for a nominal fee. These articles won’t be specific, which is why they can be great for off-topic posts which you aren’t particularly specialized in. Contract copywriters are also an excellent option; they tend to be a bit more expensive but provide a regular voice with writing experience to your blog.


For a variety of reasons, don’t skip the blog for your site. Put it somewhere prominent on your WordPress site, not tucked away in a sub-menu. Make it a priority to enhance your blog, and promote it to encourage more visitors to check it out on a regular basis.


See you next time!

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  2. John

    I just wanted mention that SEO is super important when it comes to blogging as well. Make sure to fill in Alt Text on images, meta info, and most importantly, make sure permalinks are enabled. There’s a lot of great blogs out there that don’t get half the readership they deserve because they don’t optimize their content for search engines!

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