WordPress integrated with a Flash Front end.


We have seen some amazing things done with WordPress since running We Love WP and this is right up there, Tim Wilson from tvwonline.net Has integrated a WordPress Backend with a Flash front end. Tim has also released his XML Object Script called Press Connect with a guide on how you can do this aswell.

Press Connect

“PressConnect is a PHP Script I have developed to connect my Flash

Website to my WordPress Content.

The Code intergrates the Database and Returns Posts, Pages, Categories, and Creates Menus in XML”

You will still need to create your own flash and WordPress sites, this script will help you integrate them together.

We have been playing with this for a couple of weeks now in our spare time, and we think it’s fantastic. Great work Tim.

4 Responses to “WordPress integrated with a Flash Front end.”

  1. John

    This is very interesting – the instructions are not very… specific.. on how to actually make it work… do you have any advice on how to make it work?

  2. Ross

    Yeah.. I don’t understand.. Can someone help or make a tutorial or something?

  3. Jan

    has someone a sample using this stuff? cause i would love to use but got no idea how

  4. claudio

    me too, please make a tutorial¡¡


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